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Body care plays an important role. The focus is on facial care. The face is a mirror of the soul. The first signs of aging become visible there. Although there is a constant talk that only the inner values count, the first glance into the face takes place at a meeting. This moment is decisive for the further progress privately and also during an interview.

skin types

Dermatology distinguishes between several skin types. For facial care, the 5 categories should be considered when choosing a face cream.

skin type
Normal skin

The balance between moisture and oiliness is harmonious. A wide range of face creams is available for skin care.

Dry skin

Little own fat is found in dry skin. This deficiency can be compensated by a rich care with creams.

mixed skin

A change between dry and greasy areas can be found in combination skin. The maintenance is correspondingly difficult. The chin, nose and forehead are usually quite greasy. In contrast to this T-zone, the cheek area is usually quite dry. The face cream has to be adapted to these needs.

Sensitive skin

Redness and irritation are striking for sensitive skin. Caused by stress and influences such as dry heating air or solar radiation. Natural cosmetics are suitable for this type of skin.

Oily skin

Excessive sebum production leads to oily skin. This skin type is susceptible to the formation of impure skin. In addition, the skin’s appearance is usually quite rough. Therefore, a facial cream is recommended that moisturizes and refines the pores.


Many of the face creams contain the following ingredients:

alpha-lipoic acid
Vitamin A
Vitamin E
vitamin C

However, there are also many substances in a face cream which can even irritate the skin unnecessarily. In any case, it should be fragrance-free. Furthermore, when buying a facial cream, care must be taken to ensure that there are no dyes, preservatives, mineral oils or parabens in it. Silicones and animal ingredients have also been found to be less effective for facial skin.

Basic rules of facial care

For a healthy and fresh looking skin the optimal face care is the basis. The following basic rules should be observed.


The face should be cleaned thoroughly every day, especially in the evening. It starts by removing make-up, dirt, dead skin cells and harmful substances from the face. Otherwise, the pores may clog, which favours the formation of pimples and blemished skin.

For this purpose, warm water is used first (so warm that it is still pleasant on the skin). Under no circumstances should normal soap be used for this purpose. Deeper than water, facial toner penetrates the pores. A distinction must be made between skin type and suitability. Especially people with sensitive skin should use facial tonic without alcohol.

In the next step, the night cream can be applied. It should be noted that although it is called facial cream, it is intended not only for the face, but also for the neck and décolleté.

The same ritual should be observed in the morning. The difference is that it is the day cream which is to be applied.

Long-term care is not complete with the cleansing and application of a facial cream. A beauty day for intensive facial care should be scheduled for the weekend or at regular intervals.

Peelings are suitable for this purpose.
This makes the skin softer. Dead skin cells are removed. The blood circulation is improved. The peeling of the skin is good for a maximum of 14 days.

Face masks bought in a specialist store or even stirred up, care for the skin.
They can be applied weekly. Many good recipes (quarkmask, honey mask) for this can be read online.

A serum is intended for intensive treatment for a short period of time.
In case of problems of the more mature skin (wrinkles) it has a lightning fast and visible effect.

Sun protection has less to do with a beauty programme. This must not be neglected in the summer. The sun’s rays are too aggressive towards the skin.


Facial sprays are a highlight for facial skin. They provide refreshment and at the same time moisturize.

The Facial Care category includes not only a facial cream, but also an anti-pimple cream. It has an antibacterial effect. It can also be used to conceal pimples and redness.

When choosing make-up, care must be taken to ensure that it not only serves as a foundation, but also has a positive effect on the skin’s moisture content.

Renowned manufacturers

There are countless manufacturers of facial creams. Therefore, it is necessary to check which brands you can trust. Although most of the time a facial cream „No Name“ is not recommended. According to Stiftung Warentest, the price-performance ratio is consistent with the following companies.


Eucerin can look back on an innovative company history of more than 100 years. It was Paul C. Beiersdorf who applied for a patent for a new type of association in 1882. Since then, the development of products and research in the dermatological sector has been an inseparable entity. As a result, the user can assume that there are no dyes or preservatives and the like in a facial cream. However, it is important to make sure that the skin type for which a facial cream is suitable before you buy it.

Diaderma was developed by the non-medical practitioner M. E. G. (Max Eduard Georg) Gottlieb was founded in 1905. He attached great importance to the ointment in order to heal people. The presentation of his first ointments was a recipe from antiquity. The basis were oils and aromatic additives. He added extracts of medicinal herbs to his skin care cream. This stimulated the natural functions. Diaderma, its brand name is derived from the Greek word for skin. A face cream from this manufacturer is made of many natural substances.

Nivea offered the first skin care cream in 1911. The special thing about Nivea is that since its inception, the well-known and respected dermatologist Prof. Paul Gerson Unna has been involved in the development along with the scientific consultants. Therefore, they succeeded in developing an absolutely new emulsifier. He was called Eucerite, which means as much as the beautiful wax. This laid the foundation stone for the industrial production of face cream.

Nivea Face Cream

Face cream does not have to be expensive, as the following two care products show.

Amazon offers Nivea Day Cream for sensitive skin at Amazon.

NIVEA Tagescreme für sensible Haut, 50 ml Tube, SensitiveAnzeige
  • Tagescreme mit Lichtschutzfaktor 15 und einer milden Formel mit Süßholz-Extrakt und Traubenkernöl: Reduzierung von Rötungen, Spannungsgefühlen und Trockenheit, Vorbeugen von lichtbedingter vorzeitiger Hautalterung
  • Parfümfrei, Geeignet für Frauen jeden Alters mit sensibler Haut
  • Frei von Parabenen, Silikonen, Farbstoffen und Parfüm, Hautverträglichkeit dermatologisch bestätigt
  • Anwendung: Täglich nach der Gesichtsreinigung, Auftragen der Creme auf Gesicht, Hals und Dekolleté, Augenkontakt vermeiden, Schnelles Einziehen ohne Fetten, Optimal auch als Make-up Grundlage
  • Lieferumfang: 1 NIVEA Sensitive Tagescreme in Tube, 50 ml

An overreaction, especially of sensitive skin, is not uncommon in everyday life. Stress can lead to skin irritation, but also wind, which is icy or hot sunbeams. The skin is not only strengthened by the day cream of Nivea, the redness and the feeling of tension is reduced. Dryness is reduced so that the skin can easily withstand these conditions.
The sensitive day cream contains liquorice extract and grape seed oil. Intensive the skin is protected with this face cream. Dermatologists have confirmed the tolerability. A nourishing formula was developed for the day cream. A more intensive supply of moisture is provided, which in turn strengthens the resistance. The day cream is pH-neutral, mild, prevents premature aging of the skin and is quickly absorbed. With regard to the sun protection, it can be stated that this face cream corresponds to the sun protection factor (LSF) 15.

In the morning, the day cream is distributed evenly on the face, neck and décolleté and gently massaged in. The eye area should be left blank.

Amazon also offers the right care product for sensitive Nivea skin for night care.

Nivea Sensitive Nachtpflege, 3er Pack (3 x 50 ml)Anzeige
  • Die milde Pflege beruhigt Hautirritationen und reduziert Rötungen sichtbar.
  • Befreit von Spannungsgefühlen.
  • LSF 15 beugt lichtbedingter vorzeitiger Hautalterung vor.
  • Europas Nr.1 Gesichtspflegemarke (Quelle: Euromonitor International Limited; NIVEA als Dachmarke in der Kategorie Gesichtspflege, Handelsumsatz West- und Osteuropa kombiniert, 2013)
  • Entdecken Sie die intensive Pflege von NIVEA

The skin is tightened by the sensitive night cream. The wrinkles are softened. By regenerating the skin at night, the result is a younger appearance. Intensive moisturizes the skin.
The sun protection factor (LSF) 15 contained therein prevents skin aging caused by light. The cells are also protected, which has a prophylactic effect on the formation of age spots.

In the evening, after the thorough cleansing of the face, the night cream is spread evenly over the face, neck and décolleté and gently massaged in. Again, the eye area should be left out.

The difference between the day and night creams from the manufacturer Nivea is explained under YouTube – Nivea Facial Care Advisor Day and Night Cream.


The secret of eternal youth could not be revealed in the development of skin care products such as face creams. However, regular care has been proven to keep the skin young for longer. It looks fresh and well-groomed. It is adequately supplied with moisture and the feeling of tension does not arise even under stress and environmental stress.

AngebotBestseller Nr. 1
Antialterung Face Cream von Derma-nu - Best Gesicht Feuchtigkeitspflege - Haut Behandlung sonnengeschädigter Haut und Falten - 2ozAnzeige
  • BEWÄHRTE ZU STIMULIEREN DIE ZELLERNEUERUNG, macht die Haut um Jahre jünger erscheinen und lebendigen - Erstellt mit den meisten klinisch fortschrittliche und bewährte Zutaten zur Verfügung. Es ist eine Wende-zurück-um-die-Uhr Hautpflege Produkt, dass jeder Mensch haben sollte.
  • GEFÜLLT MIT ANTIOXYDANTIEN, DIE HAUTSCHÄDEN ZU VERHINDERN- reich an Coenzym Q10, Hyaluronsäure, Vitamin C und Vitamin B5. Gesicht Feuchtigkeitspflege stellt Festigkeit, Leckereien Sonnebeschädigung, erhöht die Hydratation, löscht Fältchen, glättet das Hautbild, erhöht die Helligkeit und gleicht den Tonus der Haut.
  • VERMINDERT DAS AUFTRETEN VON FEINEN LINIEN UND FALTEN - steigert die Produktion von Kollagen für ein jugendliches Aussehen. Nicht reizend, nicht komedogen und sicher für alle Hauttypen, auch für empfindliche Haut.
Bestseller Nr. 2
L'Oreal Paris Tagespflege Hydra Active 3 Nutrissime Feuchtigkeitspflege Gesichtscreme 50mlAnzeige
  • Die Feuchtigkeitspflege ist besonders auf die Bedürfnisse von trockener und sensibler Haut abgestimmt
  • Die Tagespflege spendet langanhaltende Feuchtigkeit: für tägliches Wohlgefühl
  • Schützend: Sie verbessert die Schutzfunktionen der Haut
  • Intensiv-pflegend: Omega 3- und 6-Fettsäuren pflegen die Haut intensiv
  • Für ein besonderes Wohlgefühl und langanhaltende Pflege
Bestseller Nr. 3
CNC Micro Silver BG Face Cream 50 ml - GesichtscremeAnzeige
  • hochwertige Gesichtscreme mit Silber-Ionen
  • beruhigende und sanft pflegende Wirkung
  • besonders für trockene und empfindliche Hauttypen geeignet
  • Bestandteile sind unter anderem Vitamin E und Silber
  • lindert irritierte, lipidarme, schuppende oder gereizte Haut
Bestseller Nr. 4
LR Microsilver Plus Face Cream / Gesichtscreme 50 mlAnzeige
  • Hier präsentieren wir Ihnen von LR-Health and Beauty Systems: 1a LR 25001 MICROSILVER PLUS - Gesichtscreme --- 50ml
  • LR-Qualität: Erstklassige Rohstoffe, eine schonende Verarbeitung, intensive interne und externe Kontrollen sind Grundlage der hohen Qualitätsstandards.
  • LR-Qualitätsstandard: Hohe Qualitätsstandards der LR Produkte: Durch regelmäßige interne und externe Kontrollen wird sichergestellt, dass sämtliche LR Produkte das hohe Qualitätsniveau gemäß deutschem Qualitätsstandard konsequent halten.
  • LR-Qualitätskontrolle: Absolute Hautverträglichkeit aller Kosmetikprodukte und körperliches Wohlbefinden bei allen Nahrungsergänzungsmitteln sind oberste Maxime bei LR.
  • Das können Sie erwarten: LR MICROSILVER PLUS - Gesichtscreme 50ml 25001: MICROSILVER PLUS ist die funktionale Pflege von LR für den gesamten Körper - von Kopf bis Fuß. Jedes MICROSILVER PLUS Produkt enthält drei Basis- Wirkstoffe: 1| Reines Silber 2| Zinkverbindungen 3 | Dexpanthenol --- MICROSILVER PLUS für das Gesicht Die perfekte Kombination aus Reinigung und Pflege. --- Die MICROSILVER PLUS Gesichtscreme reduziert Hautunreinheiten - unabhängig vom Alter. Reines Silber wirkt anti-bakteriell Mit Defensil® (Gesichtscreme) --- MICROSILVER PLUS Gesichtscreme: Im Anschluss an die Waschcreme auf das Gesicht auftragen. 50 ml
Bestseller Nr. 5
Bestseller Nr. 7
ALCINA Hyaluron 2.0 Face Cream, 50 mlAnzeige
  • Mit 3-dimensionalem Anti Aging Effekt
  • Füllt die Feuchtigkeitsdepots der Haut
  • Die Haut speichert die Rezeptur wie ein Tresor
  • Verbessert die Hautstruktur
  • Glättet die Haut spürbar
Bestseller Nr. 8
SALLY HANSEN Extra Strength Creme Hair Bleach for Face & Body SH2010Anzeige
  • Lightens even the most stubborn hair
  • Helps prepare and protect skin
  • Consistent results every time
Bestseller Nr. 9
Fair & White Miss White Brigthening Cream for Face UE 50mlAnzeige
  • This rich velvety fading cream visibly promotes a more beautiful, lighter, unified complexion in a matter of days.
  • Excellent for a dry complexion.
Bestseller Nr. 10
St.Tropez Gradual Tan Classic Face Cream 50ml, Medium / DarkAnzeige
  • St. Tropez für Frauen von St. Tropez Gradual Tan Classic Everyday Face Cream - Medium / Dark 1.6 oz
  • Alle Düfte sind 100% Originale von ihrer ursprünglichen Designer. Wir verkaufen keine Imitationen oder immitations.
  • Verpackung für dieses Produkt kann von der im Bild oben gezeigt variieren.
  • Wir bieten viele große Umsätze und Rabatte machen diesen Duft billiger als in Kaufhäusern.
  • All our fragrances are 100% originals by their original designers. We do not sell any knockoffs or immitations.
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