Practical, easy to use and comfortable: the new travel beds

With the new travel beds, parents have a very practical utensil at their disposal. This furniture is not only useful on the road or on holiday. These beds are also very easy to use as a second bed. They are easy to assemble and dismantle, offer the child a lot of sleeping comfort and are extremely easy to care for. And with a small packing size, the beds can be transported easily.

Buying criteria for the right travel bed

If you want to buy a travel bed, you will find numerous models in stores. It is difficult to make the right choice. When buying, you should pay attention to a simple assembly and disassembly of the bed. Various manufacturers offer the travel beds. There are differences in the folding patent. The bed should always be easy to assemble and disassemble. It should also provide the necessary stability to ensure that your child is always bedded safely.

When purchasing a bed, pay attention to the accessories supplied. This includes at least one bag for storing the folded bed and for transport. The bed can always remain dust-proof in the bag when not in use. Furthermore you should pay attention to the installation dimensions of the furniture. Different bed sizes are often offered. A mattress should also be included to ensure a restful sleep. Furthermore, the bed concept should always leave you the possibility to put an additional mattress in the bed if this is desired.

The travel beds are offered in various designs. The range of beds available is so wide that there is a bed to suit every budget and taste. Pink and light blue beds in the classic gender colours as well as beds with neutral colours such as beige and adorned with motifs are offered. Children always enjoy motif beds. Animals or other motifs may be shown. If you want to set up the bed as a second bed as permanent furniture, you will find a bed that matches the colour of any interior.

With regard to the bed size you should pay attention to the measurements when buying. In particular, the packing size of the folded bed should be a decisive factor in the purchase decision. The lighter and less bulky the folded bed is, the easier it is to transport.

accessories for travel bed

When buying you should pay attention to the supplied accessories. This usually includes a good mattress and a storage bag for the folded bed. Furthermore, suitable changing pads are often sold as well. These are very practical, fit perfectly on the bed and are easier to handle than those bought later. A bed with a changing mat is always preferable and therefore recommended.

Bed rolls under the travel cot are important. This makes it easier to adjust and move the bed. However, the bed rolls should always be lockable so that the bed cannot become independent by movement, but always remains firmly and securely in one place. With a light mechanism that fixes the castors while standing, the bed can be handled perfectly and also offers maximum safety for your child.

Furthermore you should pay attention to a lateral entrance and exit at the bed. Especially toddlers enjoy getting in and out of bed very much in order to be able to go to bed or out on their own. Very practical are side pockets at the bed, in which you can store necessary utensils. So all items that are needed are always tidy at hand.

Net inserts on the sides of the bed allow the child to participate in the immediate activities around the bed. Children like these assignments because they feel cared for. The nets also provide sufficient stability in the event that the child rages in bed.

Different folding patents for commercially available travel beds

Most travel beds can be assembled and disassembled with very little effort. For this purpose, the beds are equipped with articulated arms that can be easily folded and unfolded. With stable snap-in constructions, the beds are very robust and stable. Usually the middle section of the bed is lifted during dismantling. The side panels can be folded up using a small snap button that must be pressed. The bed folds up quickly and easily and can be packed and transported in the bag afterwards. When assembling, the raised centre section of the lying surface is simply pressed down and locked in place. The side parts, which are folded up, are pulled apart and also locked in place. When you then place the mattress in the bed, the bed is completely assembled. The mattress that comes with the bed is usually a folding mattress that, when folded up, takes up very little space. And the mattress can be unfolded in a few seconds.

Non-slip rubber inserts on the bed feet should provide a secure footing for the bed. This allows you to place the travel bed on a rather smooth surface without having to worry that the bed will move away from the place due to the movements of the child. For the safety of the child, all joint parts and borders should be equipped with soft padding. After all, the joint constructions are made of stable steel. Upholstery around the bed prevents the child from getting injured should he or she run riot in bed. When dismantled, the bed should have a low weight and small packing size. This makes it easy to stow the bed in the boot of your vehicle and does not require heavy towing. A size of 120 cm x 60 cm is recommended as the standard folding size for travel beds.

Travel bed manufacturer

The travel beds are offered by various manufacturers. Hauck, Babybjörn and Chicco are often chosen by customers. But other brands also offer excellent workmanship, so these beds are also very good. You can find a perfect overview of the bed offers in relevant tests of travel beds. All in all, the beds are robust, easy to assemble and dismantle and are of high quality. The price-performance ratio of these travel beds is recommended. When you buy, you can save money on other expenses by choosing a travel bed from the following manufacturers.


The manufacturer Hauck offers numerous utensils for children. The selection of articles is huge. Every day, Hauck makes it easier for parents to get along with their child. Hauck also offers practical travel beds. They are very stable and very easy to handle. Due to the small packing size, the travel beds can also be transported easily.


Babybjörn travel beds offer first-class workmanship and easy handling. The beds can be set up in just a few easy steps. The folding mechanism of these beds is very easy to handle. With regard to the designs, the beds are a pretty eye-catcher. The sleeping comfort in these beds is very good, so that the children feel comfortable in them. Due to the excellent quality of the beds, the price is fully justified. Only high-quality components and materials were used for the beds, which is noticeable at all times when using the bed.


Chicco travel beds have a low weight and score with easy assembly and dismantling. At the same time, the beds are very stable and stable so that your child is always safe in bed. With beautiful outdoor nets, the child nevertheless takes part in what is happening in the environment. At the same time, your child is always comfortably bedded in a Chicco bed so that he or she feels extremely comfortable in it. The mattress is comfortable and very easy to clean. It can be cleaned simply by wiping.


The children sleep very comfortably and safely in a travel bed. The travel beds can also be used as a second bed. With a simple folding mechanism, the beds can be set up and taken down very easily in a few simple steps. Hard-wearing materials that are easy to clean have proven their worth in children’s beds. In addition, the bed should be equipped with lockable castors so that it can be easily moved.

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