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The rocking horses are a real classic in every nursery. The rocking horses have not been around as long as some might think. Experts estimate that children’s toys were made in the 17th century in the USA. Before the runners known today, the play horses had wheels. The youngsters can ride the horses relatively realistically and because the rocking movement is so popular, the toy was able to keep its place in the children’s room.

Lots of fun in the children’s room

For occasions like Christmas or birthdays rocking horses are an ideal gift. Of course the wooden horses are not only bound to these occasions. Different designs are found and this with or without rollers. The models that can make noise are also very popular. The classic rocking horse is still a popular toy design today. Still different variants made of wood are welcome and this partly also with plush. This guarantees a lot of fun in the apartment or in the house. Swinging is one of the most popular movements for children, and not for nothing. The pleasantly relaxed effect of the swinging is finally already experienced in the cradle or in the arms of the parents. If children are still too small for the swing, then the rocking horse is usually already suitable. The children are usually very proud when the ride is dared for the first time. It is also very positive that the horses look very chic as toys. The rocking horses do not only bring a lot of fun, but also the sense of balance is trained with it. The feeling for tact and rhythm as well as body feeling is trained.

When is the rocking horse suitable?

There is generally no clear age limit for toys, as there are also different shapes and sizes. Many different variants are available, no matter if unicorn, wooden horse, pony or the normal rocking horses. Some models are already suitable for small children from the age of 9 to 12 months. The most important thing is that the children can already sit independently. The toy is best chosen to suit the age, weight and height of the child. Parents should always be aware of what specialities a toy should have. Material, seat height and workmanship play an important role. For toddlers there are the soft rocking horses with the plush cover. The wooden models are suitable for older children. The toy looks very chic of course, if a great painting is present. No matter which model is bought at the end, it is best to swing children only under supervision. During the first attempts with the toy the children should be supported best. If you buy swing toys, there should be no edges or corners. Stability is also very important for rocking horses. Screws and fastenings should be checked regularly by parents and the loose screws should always be retightened.

The many different models of rocking horses

Nowadays there is not only the classic rocking horse with the beautiful design. There are different shapes and sizes to buy. Besides horses there are also dinosaurs, dogs and donkeys. However, the rocking horses are still the most popular and they can be made of plush, plastic or wood. Depending on the construction and the material, the models can be loaded up to a certain weight. The toy is available with or without castors, as a rocker, made of plastic, solid, untreated or also made of treated wood. The right model is therefore offered for every wish. Especially the little princesses love horses with manes and soft fur. In German children’s rooms, the rocking horse has been the most popular toy since the 17th century, and not for nothing. The popularity results from the combination of fun and play. The swings automatically train the sense of balance, rhythm and body awareness.

The characteristics of rocking horses

There are many different rocking animals, but the horses are among the most popular. For the children, of course, the fun of playing is in the foreground, but the parents also pay great attention to the pedagogical advantages of the playground equipment. The models can absolutely convince with the imaginative design and with the different models also different theme worlds are covered. The design stimulates children’s imagination and inspires them to play imaginatively. The beautiful models can also enhance the appearance of the children’s rooms. The rocking horses are generally available for different age groups. After all, the babies at the age of six months need more support when rocking than older children and therefore there are also various safety precautions. After all, even small users should always be optimally protected. With the individual models the child’s development is promoted and with the continuous movement of the play equipment rhythm feeling and sense of balance are formed. Many manufacturers already offer exciting extras in the meantime and so there are not only reins or decorative scarves, but also integrated light and sound effects. The even swinging of the runners always reminds the children of the time in the womb and thus gives the calming effect. Parents must not leave the children unattended and the younger the offspring, the more important constant observation is. Especially the babies in the first year of life still need support when rocking and not too much time should be spent on the toy.

The versions and the material

Before the decision for rocking horses is made, the different age groups should be considered. From the age of 6 months there are generally the models with safety temples and made of soft plush. From one year on there are the models with the removable backrest and with seat stirrups. From the age of two years the wooden models are suitable. The older children between 4 and 6 years usually like models that offer realistic details and can be individually equipped. The child’s role play can be intensified with the removable bridle, for example. With the playful handling also to domestic animals a respectful handling can be rehearsed. The choice of material depends on the age of the child. From the age of two years everyone can choose between plastic, wood and plush. All materials have different properties. The wood for rocking horses is generally timeless, easy-care, robust, stable, heavy, long-lasting and of high quality. Due to its low padding, however, it is more suitable for older children. Plush also has a wooden frame, but it comes with soft upholstery. Plush is naturally cuddly for rocking horses and in some cases the cover can also be removed. Depending on the model, the appearance is realistic, but the maintenance effort is also increased. The plastic models are generally easy to clean, often available in bright colours and they are light. There are very often combinations of wood and plush. The rocking horses made of plastic are also susceptible to cracks and scratches. No matter which model is bought at the end, the processing of the used materials is always very important. When buying rocking horses it is important that there are no edges or sharp corners. The toy should also not have the removable small parts.

Choose the right model and pay attention to safety

If you are interested in rocking horses, you should know that there are two categories. On the one hand there are the rocking vehicles and on the other hand the rocking animals. The vehicles are offered especially as motorcycles and cars. With the animal kingdom, there are no limits to your imagination. There are mythical creatures, snails, lions or sheep. For example, unicorns or dragons belong to the mythical creatures. There is an endless variety and therefore a children’s room can be beautifully designed. Most rocking horses are offered with runners, but models with wheels are also available. The advantage of the castors is that children can move freely in the room. This makes role-playing more realistic and the fun even more intense. However, the variants are really only intended for children, where the motor function is already safe. The risk of injury would be too great in other cases. If there are integrated sound effects, then the gaming experience is particularly real. At the push of a button you can hear a bark or a realistic neighing. Some variants of the rocking horses can also play reassuring melodies here. If a rocking horse is to be bought, the seat height must be observed. The higher the seat, the more difficult it is for children to sit up and down. First and foremost, of course, is the safety of children. When swinging, older children quickly become more courageous and often children can overestimate themselves. The construction of the rocking animals is adapted exactly to these conditions. Important for rocking horses are wide runners, handles, stoppers under the runners and the harmless materials. The handles ensure a secure fit. The handles should be well made and there should be no sharp edges there. The wooden handles are painted in the best case, so that there is no splinter formation. The runners should be wide, because the wide surface reduces the risk of the feet getting under the runners. The stop elements on the runners are important to prevent the rollover in the wild game. Saliva-resistant varnishes and paints are important because children like to put objects in their mouths.

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