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What makes a good longboard?

Fascination of longboarding describes the feeling that many enthusiasts associate with this sport. It is more of a leisure time pleasure and you want to know what makes such a board special. As with all products, the quality of the sports equipment is an important factor for the functionality and the expected fun of a good longboard. Good longboards are of high quality, because the manufacturers always try to offer the best material and design. Of course there are differences and there are different types of longboards. Here everyone can find his dancing, cruising, freeride & downhill or the carving board. These are the types to remember and the freeride and downhill as well as the dancing longboard are more types recommended for experienced longboarders. These longboards are more designed for tricks and high speeds. For beginners and novices alike, you should therefore choose a cruising board, as these longboards are designed for relaxed city driving. The good longboard is characterised by good rolls, very high quality axles and the corresponding dimensions. Of course, you should also look at the very interesting design of some longboards and orientate yourself on the indicated type designations. As the term Longboard already demonstrates, these boards are longer and wider than a normal skateboard.

How does a Longboard work

A skateboard is the origin of these trendy sports equipment and the classic skateboard from the seventies of the last century is the origin of these longboards, which you can buy today. It is simply explained how such a board works, two movable axles with differently hard or soft castors, are mounted on a board that is either made of plastic or plywood. This explanation is now actually simple, but the manufacturers and the boarders have taken over the years very interesting and fascinating forms of a surfboard, so that you can move your board forward with pumping or carving. The function is easy to understand, the four castors on the two axles are arranged in such a way that you stand with your feet on the board and alternately provide the driving power with one foot. Terms such as push, carve, flex, pump, dropthrough and concave belong to the different types of movement and these terms you can hear when boarders skillfully show their figures of movement with a longboard in cities. It’s artful what you can see when boarders move on and show their tricks. The elasticity and durability of the board must be right and the axles with the rollers also have to absorb a lot of shocks and loads.

Advantages and applications of a longboard

The most important advantage of a longboard is the possibility to move forward in cities very well with cruising and carving. You can use your longboard as a means of transport and you can take this board with you almost everywhere. Places, paths and pedestrian zones are best suited if you would like to move around in cities with a skateboard of this size. Many places invite you to do just that and you only need the board and head and knee protection. Especially when you are a bit more experienced, you can practice this sport and practice your figures everywhere. Other boarders can quickly find each other and join you in this sport. Longboarders are not alone for long, because they want to measure themselves and learn new figures and tricks. There are now public skater parks in many cities and here you can go longboarding undisturbed and together with other enthusiasts. This is where a scene meets, which keeps practicing new tricks together and as I said, the most important advantage is that you only need a good longboard and you are already part of the longboard scene.

What types of Longsborad are there?

Longboards as Carvin and Cruiser types

Longboards as downhill and carving types

What do I have to pay attention to when buying a Longboard?

body height and own weight

The roles.

The riding style to be used.

Price and accessories

Brief information on leading manufacturers


The boards of this brand are designed by the boarder Mike Juckers, who with his passion has these products manufactured and shaped in his style.


Loaded is the manufacturer that presents its products through spectacular stunts and videos. Loaded practices the use of its products with great teams and also designs these products directly. Here, too, there is an enthusiast behind the products who transforms his enthusiasm for sports into products.


Solid is a well known brand from the USA and produces good quality and a very colorful selection of solid longboards and other similar products.


These longboards make life better according to the company’s philosophy. This manufacturer delivers stunning design and interesting shapes paired with great designs.


Madrid is in Spain, but this longboard manufacturer is headquartered in California, USA. Jerry Madrid is an enthusiastic longboarder behind this label and the good products. Its history of these longboards began in the 60’s of the last century and today this manufacturer offers the good equipment for everyone interested.


This brand is derived from a team of long-boarding enthusiasts from Europe and these products are subject to continuous further development as a product. Practical tests carried out by the team of manufacturers are always working on improving the brand and products.

Internet. Specialist shops: Where do I buy the best longboards?

Where do you buy your new Longboard? Should you buy from a specialist retailer or should you simply buy cheaper in the online shop. Many traders offer the service of selling exactly what is supposed to be needed as a special business. Here you can also have a look at the interesting models of the famous and well-known manufacturers of a longboard. Online merchants, on the other hand, sell you exactly what you really want and usually at a cheaper price. As with all other products, you can compare directly in online trading, provided you have decided on a longboard what you really want to buy. After all, you’ve learned a lot about good longboards and now you know exactly what to look for when choosing your new longboard.

The history of the Longboard

The history of the Longboard is already relatively old and begins in the 60s of the last century. It all started with surfing on a surfboard on the coast of Venice Beach in the USA. Poor waves and little chance of wind and waves have caused some surf enthusiasts to think about simply screwing a pair of rollers onto their surfboard. The history of the Longboard has taken its course in the hilly streets of California around Santa Monica and Beverly Hills. From these beginnings have been professional developments, the boards were adapted to an acceptable size. The trend took its course and traveled from California to the east coast of the USA. Over the years, sport has also experienced a kind of supporting role and at times even fell into oblivion. Similar to skateboarding, other sports took place and replaced the longoard fun. Today it looks quite different and in the last 10 years a downhill scene has developed, which has advanced the sport of longboarding with its stunts and video reports on the internet. Carving, cruising and freestyle longboarding are among the most recognized sports today, and especially cruising and carving is a typical picture on many places in many cities. Today there are even events and also in Europe Longboarding has established itself again very intensively. The story has become so successful that certain events have been rewarded with big prize money and longboarding is one of the most fascinating sports with spectacular stunts, tricks and very daring characters. The boards have become better and the material is perfectly adapted to the modern requirements of today’s boarders.

Figures, data, facts and figures around the long boards

If you need figures, data and facts, you have to deal with the fact that a longboard should be about 107 cm long, has an axle width of about 26 cm and has rolls in the sizes 78 A or 80 A. In particular, you can upgrade and buy other axles as accessories or buy individual harder or softer wheels. The board to a board can be made of fibreglass, plywood or other very elastic materials. There is a lot to report about the design, because the offer is very large and you will also find your longboard with these specifications and facts. With the weight of a good longbard, you can expect 2.5 kg to 3.5 kg. Of course there are lighter models and also heavier versions of these boards.

FAQ – frequently asked questions

How does a longboard work?

A longboard is a rolling board with a width of about 25 cm and a length of 100 cm. It has two steerable axles and the rollers are mostly available in sizes 78 A or 80 A

How to use a Longboard?

Longboards are differentiated into types that are oriented to the driving styles of their users. The simplest form is cruising, then comes carving and the other types are freeride and downhill riding.

Is there a difference between longboard and skateboard?

Longboards and skateboards are basically the same. Only the dimensions are different, the cateboard is much smaller, shorter and not as wide as a longboard.

Longboards to borrow or buy?

If you are interested in buying a Longboard, ask yourself whether you should first borrow a Longboard or buy it now? If you want to try the first driving tests, you should rent a board. You have to decide whether you want to practice this sport. Skaters or skateboarders can easily switch to longboards and good things you use intensively should be bought individually. This rule also applies to longboards.

How to use Longboards correctly?

You can’t go wrong when using longboards, because you decide whether you want to use your chosen model for cruising or directly for carving. If you are a bit more experienced in longboarding, you can decide whether you want to test your riding skills in downhill or freeriding. You can never misuse a board. For the more demanding riding styles such as freeride and downhill, you should only pay attention to the purchased material. If you use a board that is too simple here, you will not enjoy these riding styles.

Choosing the right Longboards?

When choosing the right product, consider your own body size and weight. Do not overtax yourself if you are a newcomer or beginner to driving and take your time when buying. You need a board that matches your driving skills. You don’t only have to look for the design and brand, but all manufacturers always have boards that are suitable for beginners and cruisers.

On the advice page longboard-rookie. de there are more recommendations for buying the right Longboard.

Right on the longboarding?

If you are a beginner or newcomer, you will have to start practicing first. A simple and suitable board for cruising is then the right choice. You can now do rolling, cruising and other exercises until you feel that you have sufficient knowledge to make the transition to the other driving styles. If you are already someone who has some skating experience with similar vehicles or if you are already using a simple longboard, then you should choose a suitable longboard from the huge range of manufacturers. There are almost no limits to its use, because this driving is fascinating and you will be amazed at the quality of the materials offered in the different models.

Useful accessories

If you are looking for accessories for your longboard, you will find knee pads, helmets and gloves. Even if you don’t use these safety elements, the accessories offer you castors in different sizes, degrees of hardness and colours. You have the choice and there are also plenty of options for the axles as accessories that will meet your individual requirements when you are driving a longboard. There are also tools, such as wrenches and screwdrivers, to help you fine-tune the axes and rollers. The offer goes even further, because the appropriate clothing is also an important distinguishing feature for longboarders and you will notice that this sport has a lot of fascination. You get a lot of offers online and you decide what you like and enjoy longboarding. If the longboard is not for you, take a look at the tricycles.

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Terena® Longboard komplett in verschiedenen Designs und VariantenAnzeige
  • stabil und dennoch flexibel - 9 Schichten kanadisches Ahorn
  • für Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene
  • Auslieferung fertig montiert: Sofort startbereit!
  • edes Board verwendet grobkörniges OS780 Griptape.
  • Nutzergewicht: maximal 100kg
Bestseller Nr. 3
FunTomia® Longboard Skateboard Drop Through Cruiser Komplettboard mit Mach1® High Speed Kugellager T-ToolAnzeige
  • Das FunTomia® Longboard kann entweder aus einer 9 Schichten Ahornholz oder aus Bambus/Fiberglas Bauweise bestellt werden. / Wählen Sie Ihr Wunsch-Modell, einfach durch anklicken eines Bildes in der oberen Variante aus.
  • Jetzt haben Sie das Modell Freerider aus einer 9 Schichten Ahornholz Bauweise ausgewählt. Die Abessungen von diesem Board sind (ca. 107cm Länge) und (Achsenbreite inkl. Rollen: ca. 26cm) das Gewicht ist ca. 3,7kg.
  • Die Longboards haben Aluminium Trucks (Achse), mit einer Hangerbreite von 245mm und einer Achsstiftbreite von 175mm.
  • Die Longboards haben Rollen, mit einer Abmessung von 70mm Durchmesser und 51mm Laufflächenbreite die Rollenhärte ist 80A die Kugellager in den Rollen sind Mach1® High Speed Kugellager.
  • Das FunTomia® Longboard ist bei uns auf Lager vorrätig und sofort lieferbar. -- Sie kaufen hier bei einer deutschen Firma und erhalten natürlich eine Rechnung mit ausgewiesener MwSt.
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MARONAD Longboard Skateboard drop through Race Cruiser ABEC-11 Skateboard 104x24cm Streetsurfer skaten FUNAnzeige
  • Konstruktion: neun Lagen Ahornholz, unterseite stylisch bedruckt, Oberseite mit Schwarzes Griptape
  • ABEC-11 Kügellagern mit high-speed Schmiermittel. Aluminium Acsche mit RKP (Reverse King Pin) Trucks
  • Gesamtlänge 104 cm, Achsabstand 84 cm Breite vom Board 24 cm. Räder 7x5cm PU 80A
  • Ein Longboard Optimal für anfanger sowie Fortgeschrittene
  • Das Board kommt fix & fertig montiert zu Dir. Auspacken und losfahren! WICHTIG: Wenn Sie bis 1430 bestellt habe wird Ihr bestellung am gleichen Tag versendet mit DHL aus Greven, Deutschland!
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MAXOfit Deluxe Longboard Crow 9 Schichten Maple, 104 cm, or-19012Anzeige
  • Jetzt zugreifen - Aktion zum absoluten Sonderpreis, solange der Vorrat reicht !
  • Hochwertige Kugellager, 9 Schichten Ahorn, ABEC 11 Lager, 41x9,75
  • Longboard ist nicht gleich Longboard. Bei den MAXOfit® Longboards sind die einzelnen Komponenten hochwertig verarbeitet und bieten absoluten Fahrspass zu einem TOP Preis.
  • Schnelligkeit, Dynamik und cooles Design - das ist Fahrspaß pur! Die MAXOfit® Longboards sind erstklassig verarbeitet und garantieren -bei aller Fahrfreude - eine hohe Stabilität.
  • Super Kundenservice ! Ersatzteilversorgung garantiert.
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Longboard & Skateboard Wandhalterung - passt für alle Boards - Rack Stand HalterungAnzeige
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  • Boards einfach an der Achse aufhängen
  • Stabile Metallfertigung - auch für schwere Longboards geeignet
  • Polsterung damit die Achsen nicht verkratzen
  • Einfach anzubringen - inklusive Dübel & Schrauben
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