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Children’s desk chair – functional and stylish

Children grow and need robust furniture. It is always an ongoing challenge for parents to find the right furniture to suit their child’s development. Seating furniture in particular must be adapted to the size and weight of the child. A chair must be robust and functional. At the same time, the still-conscious child should like it, so that he or she enjoys sitting at the desk.

Test child desk chair 2017

A children’s desk chair ensures that a child works ergonomically at the desk. Also known as children’s swivel chair or children’s office chair, the chairs are available in many variations, shapes and colours. With the right children’s desk chair the children’s room is ideally equipped for school children.
Important criteria for buying child desk chairs

School-age children need an organised workplace where they can do their homework. Besides a functional desk, the children’s desk chair is important.
Each children’s workstation should be individually designed for the child. A correct arrangement of the desk with the right light prevents malpositions and incorrect postures of the child. This prevents back pain and other problems that can occur when sitting at a desk. With a proper child desk chair you can help the child to create important conditions for a good workplace. If the chair also responds stylishly and to the child’s colourful wishes, then doing homework can also be fun.

children move

They do that when they’re sitting. A good desk chair offers a support and at the same time a lot of space for movement. Both when the child sits in the chair and when sitting in or climbing out of the chair, the chair should be safe and provide space for the child’s movement.
The child’s motor function is in a constant state of development. The children acquire new skills, their needs change and their independence increases. A child desk chair grows with the child and the new abilities.
Variation and movement are very important if you want to sit correctly at your desk.


A Children’s desk chair is more advantageous if the weight is not too high. It should also be easier to adjust. The low weight does not prevent the child from moving. It is also easier to remove the chair from the way and this has advantages when the floor is cleaned. A pad for the chair supports the mobility of the chair.

combination of function and ergonomics

A child desk chair should not only please the child well, but also fit the child.
Ergonomic design provides the child with support for the back and arms while allowing the child free movement. The surface of the chair should be designed so that the child cannot slide back and forth or even fall forward. The screws are extra secure on a children’s desk chair so that children’s hands cannot hurt themselves.
Practical desk chairs for children are easy to use. Not only the adults, but also the children can easily adjust and adapt the chair to their individual needs.

One Children’s desk chair and its functions

Desk chairs for children are available in many shapes and colours. The chairs differ only slightly from desk chairs for adults. The size of the chair is a characteristic that one should pay attention to in order to find the suitable chair. A child desk chair is height adjustable and adapts to the growth of the child. Some chairs have safety wheels so that the chair does not move when you get up. The wheels are automatically closed by a final mechanism when you stand up.

reference for each season

Many children’s desk chairs have a cover in a breathable material so that there is good ventilation both in the seat and in the backrest. This prevents the child from sweating too much on the chair when it gets hot.

Height adjustable chair

Children grow very fast. As parents, it can be difficult to follow the growth of the child. With a height-adjustable chair, the chair grows with the child. This prevents you from having to buy a new chair every time you grow.

adjusting the seat

Not only is the height adaptable with a good children’s desk chair, the seat can also be individually adjusted. The seat depth is also important so that the child sits correctly in the chair and can adapt to the child’s development.

Important differences in children’s desk chairs

children’s desk chairs, children’s swivel chairs or children’s office chairs are available in many versions. There are chairs with or without wheels. The backrest can be short or stretch up to the head. In addition, there are chairs in which not only the seat height and the seat surface can be adjusted, but also the backrest in the lumbar area can be individually adjusted. For most of them, however, the height is individually adjustable.

with or without armrest

Desk chairs for children often have armrests. These are recommended by many experts in ergonomics, but only if they are used. Therefore children’s desk chairs should be tested and tried out by the child in different settings. You can find out which chair is best suited for the child and whether the armrest makes sense. Another advantage is a chair where you can remove the armrests.

The children’s desk chairs from SixBros and ALONDRA differ in the way that the SixBros swivel chair has armrests. Both chairs have comfortable seat cushions with mesh cover and are adjustable. The special feature of the chairs is the large selection of colours and colour combinations.

At first glance, the Kettler desk chair does not appear to be a chair for the workplace. The high-quality chair is non-rotatable and has no castors. Nevertheless, the seat height is adaptable and can be easily adjusted. This means that the chair grows with you. It is also a very stable highchair. For some, a stable desk chair without castors is more suitable, as the children sit more quietly. This can promote concentration. Just like other desk chairs, there are many versions, so that both girls and boys can find a chair that not only grows with them, but also looks good.


Weighing between 8 and 9 kilos, the chairs are not too heavy to still be easily movable for the children. However, a chair with the weight without wheels for a small child can still be difficult to move.

Compact sizes for a smaller home

Some families have the child’s workplace in the living room or corridor. There are office chairs that save space and at the same time meet the requirements of an ergonomic children’s desk chair.

Good to know

The children’s desk chair should be tested to determine whether it is suitable for private households in terms of durability and safety. Care should be taken to ensure that it complies with EU standards and directives.

video recommendation – children’s office chair already at 4 years, which grows with the child.


For the optimal use of a children’s desk chair, a base is suitable. The chair is more mobile on the desk pad. It also serves to protect the soil. So-called floor protection mats are available in many sizes. Some are better suited for hard floors and other underlays are used on a carpet. Most desk pads are colourless and transparent so that the floor shines through naturally. The mats are also available in trendy colours so that the underlay can be used as a chic accessory in the children’s room. Then the furnishing for the children is especially fun. Some children also find it comfortable to have a footstool or stool in front of the children’s desk chair that raises their feet. These are also available in height-adjustable versions. With the right accessories, you can get your child excited about working at the desk, so that homework can be done quickly and easily.

Conclusion: Advantages and applications

Not only adults but also children should have a suitable desk chair to relieve back strain and sit correctly when sitting at a desk. A child desk chair has the advantage that it is adjustable. Thus, the chair can grow with the child and accompany him or her for a long time as an ergonomic chair.

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